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If a disaster hits, are you prepared to take care of yourself and your loved ones if critical resources are not available?  The images above are all recent disasters that left families in a vulnerable position.  The goal of this website is to provide information that may help you. 

Survival means using the resources available to overcome a tenable situation.  That can vary widely to include knowing how to pack a family up in a hurry and head in the right direction, to the most fundamental tasks such as providing shelter or starting a fire.

Don't worry, with a little reading and some slight adjustments anyone can be ready if you have the right mindset!  Click the tabs above to view by section, or read below for our newest reviews.



Now that you have your tech gear, your going to wan to keep it dry regardless of the elements.  Loksak makes a number of bags designed specifically to keep dust, dirt, and water out.  It allows you to stash your gear in a cargo pocket and in the event you end up waist high in water there wont be a worry.  For more information visit



For around $20.00 individuals can transform their bathtub into fresh drinking water.  The Waterbob is a bladder type sealed bag that can be unpacked quickly and filled with the spout of any tub to store approximately 100 gallons of fresh water.  Individuals then use a hand pump to transfer water as needed into containers.  In a time when the SHTF like a hurricane, flooding, blizzard, or natural disaster which invariably will disrupt your drinking water there is a cheap and effective solution. 

For more information visit


COUNTY COMM - SUPER SPORK - Bringing back the nostalgia of school lunches in a whole new way County Comm has an innovative titanium spork that is getting the job done.  Its light and allows individuals to pack an entire utility set in a single utensil.

The cost is approximately $12.00 and they offer plastic versions that are even cheaper.  For more information visit


Road ID - These bracelets are designed to help rescue personel get in touch with loved ones in a hurry.  It is similar to the dog tag concept by the military and incorporates nicely into a variety of items.  They offer bracelets, shoe lace identifier, conventional dog tags, and much more.   


In the event a disaster, car accident, lost child, or elderly person need to find loved ones and are unable to speak, these items will achieve the goal with ease.  For more information visit

An essential for anyone who owns a weapon, valuable data, or jewelry is to properly store the items in a safe environment.  For the budget conscious individual we recommend the STACK-ON Mini Storage Vault shown above.  At the time of this article the vault can be found at a number of vendors for less than $70.00 and proves to be an incredible bargain.  It allows individuals to bolt the safe to the structure of the home and store survival items, cash, and heirlooms that can be accessible at a moments notice.

We have been testing the safe and found it works very well.  The safe is constructed of solid steel and has a pry resistant door.  The door is secured by two live action bolts, has a removable shelf, and has small holes in the back and the bottom of the safe to allow for easy mounting to a wall, closet, or anything structural.   

The electronic keypad is powered by 4 AA batteries located on the back of the door and they will typical last about a year before needing replacement.  There is also an override key behind the logo on the front of the safe (little panel just pops off with your finger), and the safe has a safety program that locks out the electronic keypad if three consecutive failures are entered at the keypad. 

This is a great feature because parents can identify if children are attempting to access the safe, and can still access the safe via key even if the keypad goes into lockout mode (make sure your keys are not stored inside the safe). 

The keypad beeps when you press the buttons, but that can be turned off in about 2 minutes by following a sequence of commands found in the instructions.    

Overall the safe is a great addition to any home, office, or workplace.  For online purchases one can check stores like Cabelas, or visit the STACK-ON website directly.  


The SOTO Pocket Torch fills a huge void with its ability to seamlessly transform a disposable lighter into a wind resistant flame.  Nothing else is needed other than the carrier and you just drop the lighter into the housing and close it with the top.  This hot commodity only costs $20.00 and campers, survivalists, and even people who just want to light a cigar without the flame going out are gobbling them up for the holiday season. 

We tested the SOTO Pocket torch and were dumbfounded that no one had come to this invention before now.  We like the design for a few reasons, the wind resistant flame works well, the unit does not add much size at all, and if for some reason it breaks you still can take the disposable lighter out and use it. 

We searched long and hard for a draw back the only thing we could come close to (not that it is much of a drawback) is the SOTO was designed for Scripto lighters.  That means that a BIC lighter will not work in this tool, but the good news is we found a pack eight pack of Scripto lighters at Walmart for $2.00.  You can also find Scripto's at nearly every convienance store across America, so there should not be a shortage of supplies in the near future.

For more information check out the SOTO website at  



AEROBED has ramped up its line with a super friendly inflatable sleeping mattress for camping.  The mattress is designed to be self contained within its carrying case, and the case doubles as a pump to allow users to set it up in seconds without huffing and puffing like you are the big bad wolf.


The new camping mattress also is more eco-friendly than others because its made of phthalate-free polyester material.  It takes about 60 seconds to set the bed up and requires no batteries at all.  The bed is a bit taller than most sleeping mattresses and inflates to about five inches which is a nice height to have when the ground is frigid.  The mattress weighs in at five pounds, and its measurements are 78 inches long and 26 inches wide.

For more information visit the company website at




For around $20.00 you can have one of the most versatile pieces of survival equipment on the market.  Ontario Knife Company has been making machete's for many years, and supplies U.S. Troops with this monster.  The knife is a full tang (meaning the steel runs the entire length into the handle) for strength, the blade is one of the best values on the market, and the saw functions very well. 

These knives can be found at most Army/Navy Stores and we recommend trying Barre Army Navy if you going to pick one up online.  We have purchased several items from their store and it always comes without delay and customer services is great. 

We would also recommend getting a GI or military style sheath.  They are made out of molded plastic and have drain holes to prevent the sheath filling up with water if you must forge water. 

This combination is so popular and the uses of the machete in survival situations is endless.  In addition to these two items we suggest you check out how military or survivalists customize their sheaths once they have them.  Most will add parachord, garbage bags, tire tubes, fishing hooks, sharpening stones, and even a compass.

Here is a great video of a custom machete by survivalist Dave Cantebury before he hit the Discovery Channel. 



For more information on the machete visit the company website at


































































































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